About us

Hey people,
We are Annika and Sophie. Just two dutch girls living their life, enjoying every single day with ups and downs. And trying not to care what other people think cause that's how you enjoy life! So we want to share that kind of things with you and we hope you'll enjoy it ;)

So we were shopping and talking about blogs, how cool it would be to have our own blog, and then ... we decided to make our own blog!  CHOUCHOUANSO.
Like, chouchou because we're having french classes at school and we learned the word chouchouter (actually Sophie's tumblr is called chouchouter) and that's why we used the word 'chouchou' and AN because of ANnika and SO because of SOphie.

We love fashion and that's what we most write about but we also love to write about life and beauty and that kind of things.
So we hope you'll enjoy our blog!

Annika and Sophie