15 March 2012

Transgender models.

Female models are most often on the cover of a magazine or catwalk model than the male, but it slowly change. After the hype of plus size and curvy models, there's something new! It looks like the fashion world has fallin in love with the transgender or androgyny models. A transgender model is often a man who was changed into a woman (with or without sex change operation). They have a body like a normal woman. Although not all these transgender model change their genitals and breasts like a woman completely, but they still can radiate elegance of a woman. Transgender models are unique and special, and a lot of fabulous designers like Vera Wang, Givenchy and Karl sekelah Legelfeldhad had the same opinion. They book transgender models for their shows because the world has been able to open eyes about things like this transgender. Or maybe because using a transgender model will make their designs will quickly become in the spotlight of media and society. Because showing woman clothes on a transgender model is unusual for people. On this picture you can see Andrej Pejic who worked for example Jean-Paul Gaultier, Paul Smith and Marc Jacobs. Hema is the first dutch business who getting involved with Andrej. He was the model for the campaign of the mega push-up bra, which showed that absolutely everyone can get a nice cleavage. Well i really love these new kind of models, do you love them to or are you waiting for the next upcomming trend? Love, Annika

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