13 March 2012

Make-up and hair trends 2012

Many girls wear make-up and it's so much fun to just try things out with it. With just trying make-up out you can create beautiful things. But what are the trends right now? What kind of make-up can you put on to a prom, to a party or just to school? And of course, How to do it? Cause putting makeup on in some kind of special difficult ways but still look beautiful can be really hard to do! So Here are the trends for 2012:

1. The trend: Lush, over-the-top lashes.
Luminous is anything but boring when paired with over the top lashes. It's a very freminime look and maybe a little bit.. boring. But the intensity of the eyes makes the look strong. Just start with a perfect foundation that totally  matches with your skin. If the foundation doesn't match with your skin, then you can throw or give away your foundation. A real no-go is a too dark or a too light foundation. That will make you look ill! When you've put on the foundation, apply two sets of false eyelashes, placing one on top of the other, and finish with a coat of black mascara. Lastly, swipe an illuminator over the cheekbones and onto the Cupid's bow for an flirty ethereal glow.

2. The trend: Bright hair extensions.
Colored streaks can be punky and pretty. Choose your favorite color for in your hair, you can choose a bright color or just a soft color. To get colored hair extensions in your hair, you can go to your hairdresser or buy pre-dyed hair extensions at a beauty store. Attach the pieces underneath a layer of your hair so the clip stays hidden and the streaks peek through. You don't want anyone to see it's coming out your hair right?

3. The trend: Bold red lips.
Everybody looooves red lips. And they look good on everybody! As long you got the right hue for your kind of skin complexion. Cause that really does matter, don't buy just a color that you like, but first try it out or ask if it flatters your complexion to someone that works in the store. Statement lips make the biggest impact when paired with flawless skin and natural eye makeup. Don't use too much eye makeup when you have also used red lipstick. Then your face will look a little bit like a clown. But you can also make smokey eyes (read here how to: How to: Smokey Eyes). Or only use mascara.

4. The trend: Metallic eye makeup
Metallic makeup can look very cool if you put it on in the good way. You can use grey hues or brown hues, maybe even a little bit purple or something. This can look really cool too. Just start with a light foundation and use a kohl pencil for your eyes, put the eyeshadow on and don't use too much! You want the smokey eyes effect right? So just use that to put your eyeshadow on and when you've done this, use a lot of mascara. To get that bright effect. Also use blush, this will make sure your face doesn't look too metallic.

I hope you all learned something from this and just go try things out with makeup at home! It's so much fun and maybe you'll discover a new trend or a new makeup thing that really looks good on you! =)

xxx, Sophie

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