15 April 2012

How to: walk in high heels.

Though many of us love high heels, others don't wear them very often. Some don't dare to wear high heels, while others simply don't know when they should wear them. But walking in high heels is not that difficult, and with a bit of practice, you'll stepping out in high heels in no time.

First practice just standing in high heels. In front of a full length mirror, stand for a while, then turn slightly to each side. Now you can check your posture and get accustomed to the extra height of the heel. Take a few steps in your high heels.
If possible, do this at first on a hard floor or in a room with carpeting, as really thick or padded carpeting can throw off your balance. As you walk in high heels, remember to keep your legs straight and as close together as possible. With each step, point your feet as straight in front of you as you can. Start off with slow steps at first, being extra conscientious of each step. As you build confidence and experience walking in high heels, it will become much more natural.

Continue walking back and forth across the room, turning different directions, and stopping without wobbling on your high heels. Once you're comfortable with this, try the same thing on different floor surfaces, and remember to start off slowly with each one. When it comes to actually walking comfortably, practice, practice, practice. If you haven't ever worn high heels, or you are already comfortable in high heels, this sounds silly. But trust me, the first time you put them on, you'll see what I mean.

Do you love high heels and wear them often?
Love, Annika

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