11 April 2012

What kind of bikini is the best for your figure.

The summer is coming and that means it's bikini time!  Before you shop you need to know which styles are most likely to flatter your figure. Rather than buy a bikini because you like the look of it, be willing to try on a number of different styles, even those that do not appeal to you on the hanger. Often the plainest and most boring bikinis can look surprisingly flattering on.
Would you like to attract the attention to another part of your body than your belly? Make sure you choose a bikini with a outstanding bodice. For example, choose a design with bright colours
(this also makes your breasts look bigger). It's also convenient to choose a high or a bikini bottom with a correcting working. Do you have very short legs and want that this to be less noticeable? Then you can choose for a tiny bikini bottom, this will  make your legs look longer. Do you have a fat ass and don't want to show this? Then choose a boxer or corrective bikini bottom. Someone with thick thighs could choose for a surf short. 

Triangular, spaghetti-strap tops are better suited to women with small busts. Bikini tops with soft padding can add curves and confidence, providing a lift for small breasts. Womans with big boobs who wish to minimize their bust, should look for bikini bottoms that are have some interesting detailing to divert attention from the top half. Choose a bikini top that separates the bust, rather than pushing your breasts together, like a bandeau or balcony style, but make sure it has a lot of support. Choosing a neutral colour like black can also help to make your breasts look smaller.

The most important thing is that you choose a bikini which make you feel fine while you're wearing it. And remember, everyone is beautiful in their own way! You should wear everything youw want as long you feel 
comfortable in it. So don't care what other people think, cause your beautiful. 
Love, Annika

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