10 June 2012

Sun protection for your skin type.

Of course it's nice to build up an tanned skin for this summer, but a good protection is very important. More and more people will have to deal with the negative effects of UVA radiation. You can read here which kind of sun protection is right for your skin type.

Skin type 1:
You have a very pale skin, many freckles, blond or light red hair and a light eye color. You burn quickly in the sun and you almost never get very brown.

Protection: This skin type don't make a lot of protective pigment and protection is necessary. Lubricate your body at least once every 3 hours with factor 30. Don't lay in the sun for too long but find a nice seat in the shadow. Sunglasses, hats and scarves are   necessary when you want to protect this skin type.

Skin type 2:
You have, just like skin type 1, a light skin, blond hair and a light  eye color. You burn quickly, but after 2 weeks in the sun you've built up a light tan.
Protection: Also with this skin type it's important that you use plenty of sun cream. Use a sun cream with factor 20 every 3 hours.

Skin type 3:
You have a naturally light skin, but you get brown very soon. You have dark eyes, dark hair and a lot of pigment. But sometimes your skin will slightly burn after a day of baking on the beach.
Protection: With your skin type, you can achieve a beautiful complexion, but a good protection is still very important. Despite your skin will quickly turns brown, you will also burn sometimes.
With this type of skin you have to smear by a factor of 10 to 15.

Skin type 4:
You have dark eyes, brown or black hair and an olive to mocha-colored skin. After laying in the sun for an hour, you will have a wonderful summer skin.
Protection: This skin type can still be quite dangerous. Many women with skin Type 4 don't use sun cream. Good protection is importan although you won't burn easily. Sun cream isn't only necessary for people with light skin. A good protection also will prevent skin aging. No fewer than 4 in 5 wrinkles are caused by UVA radiation. So use a good rub factor between 5 and 10!

Skin type 5 and 6:
You have an Asian or African descent and have a dark to very dark skin. You have deep brown eyes and black hair. You will almost never burn.
Protection: Although you have a brown skin, protection is still very important. Skin cancer and skin aging UVA radiation is not confined to white people. If you spend a day in the sun, cover your regular than in a factor of 5.

Of course it's important to take good care of your skin and use a higher factor than the minimum your skin need. Each skin needs a good protection and no one should spend too much time in the sun. Love, Annika

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