01 June 2012

Think of your nails as an accessory.

When it's warmer outside, everyone is much happier. I don't know if you've already noticed it, but everyone is wearing bright colors. More red, orange, green and stuff. Not many black clothes, so stop polishing your nails in the same color as you used to do! You pick out earrings, necklaces, rings and hats to complement your style every day. Why not polish? Everyone will see your nails. So why wouldn't you make something special out of your nail polish? Do something different then just polishing your nails in one color. Try something else! Get your nails set for summer with these ideas. :)

1. Silver Lining.
You can make a silver lining in stead of a white line. It looks very chic if you polish it right. It's also a fun way to try the metallic trend without looking overpowering. To get this look, invest in a nice metallic color and in a french manicure brush or a nail art brush. These are available at most beauty supply stores. And finish with a topcoat, to let your nails shine a little bit more.

2. Ombré.
The ombré trend isn't just for you hair, but also cool for you nails! You can use three polishes. Apply  the darkest shade on the bottom of the nail, and the lightest ate the tips last, overlapping each coat a little. And again, finish with a topcoat to lock the design. Ombré can be very hard to do. But you just have to repeat it over and over again. You'll learn!

3. Use stickers.
These are so easy to use, because it doesn't matter in what mood you are. There are so many kind of stickers like, flowers, stars, celebrities (yes, you can have famous people on your nails!). You can get them everywhere. It doesn't matter what kind of nail color you got under the sticker. That's your own choice!

4. Detailed Patterns. 
Use a toothpick dipped in polish to make detailed patterns. Just make sure the base color is completely dry before drawing the patterns And have fun with different patterns. If there's a print in your wardrobe you wear a lot, put it on your nails! Be creative :)

Love, Sophie

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